2017 in numbers

It has been an exciting year here at Navitep. It was already going well – with all the essential features and a steady client base already there – and then things only got better. As we believe in numbers and statistics, let us use them to show you what the last year has been like for our clients and translators.



Image with numbers summing up year 2017 for Navitep

4,600+ saved hours

Assuming that Navitep saves you 1 hour per project, our clients saved all in all 4,600 hours, which makes for 610 working days! After creating a project and sending job offers to translators, our clients could concentrate on getting other things done. Once their documents were translated, proofread by a native proofreader and double-checked by the original translator, our clients were notified automatically that the project was ready.

47% lower costs

On average, the cost of a project conducted in Navitep was 47% lower than the cost of the same project conducted by a traditional translation agency. This was achieved by enabling the clients to order directly from language service providers instead of having a translation agency forward their requests to translators. Another cost-saving factor is the fact that the clients’ resources, such as translation memories and term bases, are safely stored in the cloud. In this way, they can be updated in real time and made available to relevant translators whenever necessary.

130+ new translators

After careful selection, we were glad to welcome on board over 130 translators, proofreaders and desktop publishing specialists. In this way, finding an expert translator suitable for your project has become even easier! Navitep’s in-house team has grown stronger too: we got a new CEO, sales representative, software developer and administrative assistant. This enabled us to react to our clients’ needs even faster and make rapid development progress.

4.5 million translated words

Our clients used Navitep to translate over 4.5 million words. Out of these, the top 5 language pairs were:

  • German to Finnish,
  • English to French,
  • English to German,
  • English to Finnish,
  • Finnish to English.

Our clients conducted a variety of projects. The projects differed in size (from 8 to 230K words) and subject matter (gaming industry, software, machinery, resumes, diplomas and certificates, legal agreements and medical reports – just to name a few).


8,300+ translated documents

Our clients translated over 8,300 documents in a variety of file formats – all of which are compatible with Navitep, which means no conversions or copy-pasting of ready translations were necessary. Apart from the most common file formats such as doc, txt, ppt and xls, we also translated technical documentation in DITA format; text strings in html, xml, and php source code; and desktop publishing files such as idml and mif.


But of course, not everything can be counted and summed up in a straightforward manner. In fact, 2017 was much more for us than just the words translated or the number of projects we handled. It was also all the positive energy we got by helping our clients, passionate discussions during which your feedback often sparked new ideas and led to development of brilliant features as well as all the happy moments our team shared here at Navitep’s headquarters.


Naturally, there is still a lot more we would like to achieve and many challenges we will have to face. And yet, we cannot help feeling optimistic about the upcoming year of 2018!