How language professionals can help you promote your business

No service or product is so great that it doesn’t need any advertising. If you are serious about attracting customers to your business, you need to know how to spread the word about it. But as with almost anything, the devil is in the details. Which words? To whom? And how should they be spread? These are the questions we should be asking. And the right people to answer them are language professionals. Apart from translators and proofreaders, let’s put the spotlight on copy-writers, SEO and DTP specialists as well as social media co-ordinators. To see what they can do for a budding entrepreneur, we will accompany Anna on her journey to promote her newly established reindeer farm in Lapland.

Attract customers by providing them with great content

As there are already a few reindeer farms in the area, Anna wants to make sure that tourists who come across her website choose to visit her reindeer farm, not someone else’s. She asks a copy-writer to create compelling content for her website to tell people what makes her reindeer farm so special: whether it is the surroundings, the authentic equipment for reindeer herding that you can see at the site, the possibility to get up close with the animals, or the opportunity to book a stay at the farm. Apart from the main content, the copy-writer can also prepare blog posts, e-mail newsletters, brochure texts or even video scripts. Professionally written content aims at increasing reader engagement by influencing the reader to take a desired action, e.g. booking a trip to the farm or contacting its owner.

Make it easy to find you

Anna is smart. Once the content is there, she decides to make it available to non-Finnish tourists by having it translated into other languages, such as English and Japanese. And, instead of simply keeping her fingers crossed that someone finds her great content by chance, she decides to hire a SEO (search engine optimisation) specialist. Their job is to help a website rate higher in search engine results and make sure that people will actually want to visit it. Even though it is usually easier said than done – no one knows exactly how the Google search algorithm works (and it’s constantly being developed) – an experienced SEO specialist will employ a number of techniques to draw traffic to your website. These can include optimising for certain keywords, giving each page a proper description that will be displayed in search results, optimising pictures, building back-links (getting other people to publish links to your website) and many others.


Take care of details when preparing materials to promote your business


To reach the local tourists and hikers, Anna decides to prepare brochures advertising her farm and spread them at local restaurants. Once the beautifully designed brochure is translated too, a DTP specialist makes sure that the translation fits into the spaces provided for text in the original brochure and, when necessary, adjusts the text size and spacing, modifies the page layout and repositions the artwork. They will also make sure that all language-specific characters are displayed correctly. If a language uses a right to left script (e.g. Arabic), the DTP specialist will orient the entire layout right to left, not just the text.




Have a good word for everybody

To further attract interest in her up-and-coming business, Anna decides to also use the services of a social media co-ordinator. The co-ordinator manages her farm’s accounts on social media such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, answers the audience’s queries, and creates dynamic content that encourages the audience to participate. She or he also manages Anna’s farm’s PPC (pay-per-click) and AdWords campaigns (campaigns in which Anna pays only when someone clicks the advert leading to her website). The co-ordinator ensures that the advertisements show only to users who might be interested in visiting a reindeer farm, and not, e.g., to those who just want to buy reindeer meat (which Anna doesn’t sell).



As you can see, there is plenty that language professionals can do to promote your business, and having your website localised is only the first step (although a great one!) in reaching a wider audience. So, if you feel like your business is ailing and more clients would do it good – look no further. Language professionals are here to help.