NaviDoX integrates the DoX technical-documentation system (which uses XML and DITA files) with a translation environment. The content to be translated can be selected and submitted for analysis against the translation memory directly in DoX. Repetitions are taken into account automatically, and previous translations are efficiently reused, thanks to the translation memory.

• A direct interface with Fenten’s software, DoX (separate licence required)
• Separate credentials for easy access to translation memory and terminology tools
• The option of using the translation editor
• Rights to add your own in-house translators
• The ability to import/export translation memories
• Creation of translation memories from previous translations
• Project management handled either directly by the client or by a translation agency
• Communication directly via Navitep
• All translation memories and term bases are available globally, and – without restriction – the translation and modular documentation tools can be used by all the customer’s technical writers and translators, irrespective of their location.